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Working with Recruiters and Head Hunters

Working with Recruiting Agencies in San Francisco, CA

When working with recruiters or temporary staffing agencies, be honest, upfront, and treat the meeting like an interview. In addition to learning about your skills and experience, recruiters need to get a true sense of who you are, how you work, and more importantly, how you will come across during interviews with their clients.

Recruiting and Head Hunting Services

  1. Temporary staffing. We are a temp agency serving the San Francisco area. If you are looking for seasonal or holiday work, we can get you a position with one of our many clients. Temp work is a great way to learn about different companies’ corporate cultures, gain the skills you need to become an extremely valuable and high-demand employee, and have a guaranteed job without having to spend weeks submitting resumes.

  2. Temp-to-hire. While many temp positions end after a certain amount of time, many companies use temporary staffing to “try on” new employees before offering them a permanent job. You work at the job through us for a certain amount of time that was previously agreed upon, just like you would for any other temp job. At the end of that time, the employer has the option to hire you permanently, at which point you would work directly for them and not through us. If you are a good fit for the company and you like the job, temp-to-hire is a great way to get your foot in the door and make a great impression based on your skills in the job.

  3. Direct hire recruitment. Frequently, we have companies come to us looking for our recommendations for positions that they want to hire directly for. They don’t want us to supply them with a temporary employee; they want to hire someone for the permanent position and they want to do it ASAP. This is called direct hire recruitment. We find the perfect candidate, or a list of potentially perfect candidates, from our pool of talented workers who are looking for jobs. We match you up with the employer.


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