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VIDEO: THINK Business Live with David Goldman, founder of Ruby Peak Recruiting

Jon and Gabe talk with founder of Ruby Peak Recruiting, David Goldman. The firm specializes in recruiting for Silicon Valley. They discuss the importance of hiring great people!

For more than 20 years, David Goldman has been on the front lines of professional recruiting and hiring in the San Francisco Bay Area. As the founder of San Francisco-based Ruby Peak Recruiting, David regularly partners with CEOs, HR executives, and in-house hiring managers to identify, recruit, and successfully place new talent in technology,

venture capital, private equity, and life science companies. Additionally, David provides interview preparation and strategy consulting to candidates and job-seekers at all levels and across all industries. David’s many years of coaching and listening to hiring managers and candidates on both sides of the interview process have armed him with a comprehensive understanding of why some interviews result in offers while others fall short.

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