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How to Stand Out as an Exceptional Employee During the Holidays

Here are some tips on how to stand out as an exceptional employee during the holidays and end your work year with a bang.

1. Offer to help plan holiday events. If you’re job title doesn’t require you to plan events, offer the event coordinator some help and go the extra mile to make your holiday party one that people will remember. Make sure to attend it! After all, you did put in all that extra time and effort in making it all come together, so enjoy it! People will appreciate the fact that you exceeded your job expectations to put together a lovely night that you and your co workers can enjoy. After a year of hard work your team deserves a night to celebrate.

It’s also a great opportunity to hang out with your co workers in a different and more relaxed environment. It gives you the chance to develop a stronger relationship with your boss, outside of your work relationship, which can lead to more trust. Just remember to keep the alcohol to a minimum and don’t get too personal and potentially cross boundaries, don’t forget these are still your co workers so let loose in a professional way.

2. Demonstrate gratitude by sending out either holiday cards or gifts, whichever appropriate, to your boss and co workers. Be cautious with religious references on holiday cards and stick to those with general holiday wishes. For example choose a card that says “Seasons Greetings” over a “Merry Christmas and God Bless” card. You don’t want to offend someone who may not celebrate Christmas or be religious at all for that matter.

3. The same applies to gift giving. Make sure your gifts are work appropriate and something you can generally give out to anyone regardless of their gender, age, religious beliefs and so on. Play it safe with gift cards to coffee shops or bookstores and if you want to get more creative find out what the recipient enjoys and cater your creative gift towards that.

Be proud of yourself for closing out the year strong. Your boss will definitely notice the hard work. Who knows, a promotion may be waiting for you come the new year!



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