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How to Make it Past Your Probationary Period

So you spent some time with your recruiter working on your new job search and you make it past the grueling interviewing process. Congrats, you received an offer letter! The hardest part is over but with every job, whether stated or not, there’s always a 90 day probationary period to get past. Starting any new job takes getting used to. Even with years of experience, when beginning a new job you have to learn the new culture, process and routines of your new environment. This can be time consuming and hard but possible, so make sure you hang in there. By following those simple steps, you’ll be sure to make it past your 90 days while impressing your executive with how quickly you caught on and fit in with the company. If your new position is anything else in the administrative field, or any field for that matter, follow the tips below to help you get over the hump and earn a permanent spot in the company.

  1. Be punctual. You should always be on time for work, not just when starting a new job but in general. Constantly showing up late to work will show people that you are unreliable and not fit for the position. This is especially true for Front Office Administrators as you’re more than likely the one responsible for opening up shop. Always be 5 minutes early but never 1 minute late.

  2. Take notes! Always have a notepad handy for note taking so you never miss anything important..

  3. Be a good listener. Listen to everyone, even those with lower positions. You never know what you can learn from others.

  4. Show genuine interest in the company’s mission.

  5. Be a team player. Create an environment around you that makes it easy for people to offer help. Don’t come off as too proud to accept direction, a good team player always welcomes help.

  6. Prove that you are a strong individual who needs little direction.

  7. Keep a positive attitude!!! This is probably the most important rule to follow! Even if you don’t agree with everything, remember picking and choosing your battles will take you a long way. No one likes a downer with such a negative attitude.

  8. Ask the right questions and always remember the answers.

  9. Be flexible. Don’t turn down the chance to help other departments in your company just because it’s not part of your job, and always be willing to work extended hours when needed. Offer to help wherever help is needed.

Lastly, be honest with yourself and continue the effort only if it’s a two way street. If you made it past your probationary period and you don’t feel like this position is the best culture fit for you, address your concerns with you supervisor. An honest departure with sufficient notice in advance will always ensure a positive reference.

Good Luck!


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