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How to Get Back Into the Work Groove after the Holidays!

Hello 2016! It’s the new year and you’ve just come back to work from an awesome holiday break that went by way too fast. You’re still in vacation mode but have so much work to do and need to get back into the groove of things! Easier said than done. No matter how heavy or light your workload is; here are some tips to help you get through the rest of January and back into your normal work routine.

Mentally prepare yourself to go back to work. I always try to give myself a day off after vacation and before going back into work. This helps your mind and body get back into work mode. This can also help with any jet lag and most importantly, gives you time to rest and get back into your normal sleep pattern.

Take time to organize. Ease any anxiety you may have about going back to work by using the night before to organize for the week ahead. A to-do list, in order of priority, may be very helpful.

If possible, try and tackle some of your duties before leaving on vacation so your workload isn’t overwhelming when you get back. You can even create the aforementioned to-do list at this point. This way you’re already one step ahead before you even leave.

Try and make it into work about 30 minutes early on your first day back to get a head start and make sure everything is in order. This is especially helpful if you’re an Executive Assistant who has to manage several calendars. Make sure sure all calendars are in order before your executive or managing director comes in.

Make your work environment fun by turning on some tunes in the office to set the energy. I love working to 80’s soul funk, or classic rock like The Beatles


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