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E-mail follow ups…

When sending thank you notes over email after interviews, type your email notes from scratch every single time. Copying and pasting recycled thank you notes often results in emails that are littered with unintended font size and layout discrepancies that aren’t always noticeable on your screen, but are on someone else’s. Most commonly, copied text turns out purple instead of the standard black the rest of your non copied text will appear making it so obvious to the recipient that your message is generic. Typing your note from scratch will ensure consistency in the formatting and color of your note.

Also, when copying and pasting recycled thank you notes your note ends up sounding generic and doesn’t touch on anything specific to that job. Most people copy and paste because they don’t know what to say, but if you want to stand out and beat your competition make sure you touch on things you went over in the interview or touch on anything particular to the position. This shows the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the job and should help your chances in the running.


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