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Being Accessible to a Recruiter

An exciting step in the recruiting process is when your recruiter has confirmed an interview for you with one of their clients. At this point, your relationship with your recruiter is in full gear. Once you’ve landed that interview, your chances of securing a new position are greatly increased. From this point forward, make an extra effort to stay in close contact with your recruiter. The job placement process tends to go by quickly so it is in your best interest to be easily accessible. Realize that delaying your response could potentially jeopardize your chances at landing that job.

The recruiter has put in time and effort into pitching you to that client, so know that they want you to be the one who gets the job. Remember that recruiters are working with other candidates as well, so if you fail to answer in a timely manner, the recruiter may call someone else. Time is of the essence, so make sure that you are reachable via e-mail and phone at all times.


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