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Admitting Flaws to Recruiters and Head Hunters

During an interview you might find yourself stumped when asked “what is your greatest weakness?” But don’t fret! Employers don’t actually expect you to throw yourself under the bus, rather they want to know how honest you are and how aware you are of areas that need improvement. No one is perfect, so don’t try to sound like a perfectionist. Here are a few tips on how you can answer this tricky question; first know your weaknesses ahead of time, don’t attempt to wing your answer. Be honest but don’t mention any skills you might lack essential to the job description.

Stay away from personal weaknesses not related to the professional world. For example; if you are interviewing for a personal assistant role, you can admit your weakness is “finance,” rather than something like “cooking.” The interviewer doesn’t expect you to be an expert in finance. You can also go on to explaining how you are working towards improving your lack of financial skills, as it shows initiative in conquering your weaknesses. It shows how you turn a negative into a positive, which is an great skill to have.

Good Luck!

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