How to Make it Past Your Probationary Period

So you spent some time with your recruiter working on your new job search and you make it past the grueling interviewing process. Congrats, you received an offer letter! The hardest part is over but with every job, whether stated or not, there’s always a 90 day probationary period to get past. Starting any new […]

E-mail follow ups…

When sending thank you notes over email after interviews, type your email notes from scratch every single time. Copying and pasting recycled thank you notes often results in emails that are littered with unintended font size and layout discrepancies that aren’t always noticeable on your screen, but are on someone else’s. Most commonly, copied text […]

Paint a Picture in your Resume

Paint a Picture in your Resume
While reading Skill Up, Start Up, Speak Up: Expert Tips to Fire Up Your Job Search I came across a very valuable point that I’ve mentioned before but is worth mentioning again. The author mentions the importance of “painting a picture” for the hiring manager “Use your cover letter to […]

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Following up Your Interview with a Thank You Letter

Following up Your Interview with a Thank You Letter
It’s always a good idea to follow up an interview with a thank you letter. Your letter should typically be sent within the first 24 hours following your interview. The sooner the letter is sent, the better the chances are to make another good impression on the […]

Cover Letters on your Resume

Cover Letters on your Resume
Typically when working with recruiters a cover letter won’t be necessary, but for those job seekers who are unassisted in their search, a cover letter is still a valuable part of the process.

When responding to job postings, whether it be for an Administrative Assistant; Executive Assistant or even a Temporary Position, […]

Tips on Saving Your Resume for Interviews

Interview Tip Of The Day:
When saving your resume, choose a name that is simple and one that does not reference a specific title or industry. For example: JaneSmith.doc tells a different story than JaneSmithEA_resume.doc or JaneSmithMarketing.com

Adding titles or industries to your resume’s file name can send the wrong signal. Specifically, sending a resume as JaneSmithAdmin.doc […]

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Summary and Objective Tips for your Resume

Resume tip of the day:
Your Summary and Objective sections can help you as much as they can hurt you. Make those sections specifically relevant to the jobs to which you are applying. If you are considering more than one career path, consider making multiple versions of your resume, each with corresponding Summaries or Objectives.

For example, […]

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