Are you a Boss or a Leader?

Are you a Boss or a Leader?

There’s a big difference between a boss and a leader. You don’t have to be a boss to be a leader. If you’re an Executive Assistant it’s probably true that you spend a lot of time with your executive and that you know so much about them, from personal […]

Working with Recruiters and Head Hunters

Working with Recruiters and Head Hunters
Working with Recruiting Agencies in San Francisco, CA
When working with recruiters or temporary staffing agencies, be honest, upfront, and treat the meeting like an interview. In addition to learning about your skills and experience, recruiters need to get a true sense of who you are, how you work, and more […]

How to Make it Past Your Probationary Period

So you spent some time with your recruiter working on your new job search and you make it past the grueling interviewing process. Congrats, you received an offer letter! The hardest part is over but with every job, whether stated or not, there’s always a 90 day probationary period to get past. Starting any new […]

E-mail follow ups…

When sending thank you notes over email after interviews, type your email notes from scratch every single time. Copying and pasting recycled thank you notes often results in emails that are littered with unintended font size and layout discrepancies that aren’t always noticeable on your screen, but are on someone else’s. Most commonly, copied text […]

Admitting Flaws to Recruiters and Head Hunters

Admitting a Flaws to Recruiters and Head Hunters
During an interview you might find yourself stumped when asked “what is your greatest weakness?” But don’t fret! Employers don’t actually expect you to throw yourself under the bus, rather they want to know how honest you are and how aware you are of areas that need improvement. […]

Being Accessible to a Recruiter

Being Accessible to a Recruiter
An exciting step in the recruiting process is when your recruiter has confirmed an interview for you with one of their clients. At this point, your relationship with your recruiter is in full gear. Once you’ve landed that interview, your chances of securing a new position are greatly increased. From this […]

Using Recruiting Agencies Successfully

Using Recruiting Agencies & Career Centers Successfully
After reading the title you may be thinking to yourself, how can one unsuccessfully use a recruiting agency and career center? There’s always something you can learn from both. Although true, here’s how: not all recruiting agencies recruit for all positions and not all career centers provide the resources […]

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Two Tips for Looking Better in your Interview

Be Resourceful and Be on Time
Today’s interview tip of the day is simple; know where you’re going; be on time, don’t get lost and refrain from calling the company for directions. We all know first impressions are important, so admitting you are “lost” or “late,” moments before your interview is a step in the wrong […]

Take Advantage of your Meeting with Recruiters

Take Advantage of your Meeting with Recruiters
Take advantage of your meeting with a recruiter. Even if you don’t land a job from that meeting, don’t be discouraged. Remember, recruiters are there to make a good match between candidates and clients. We take pride in not only finding a good candidate for our clients, but also […]

Don’t Burn Bridges as an Employee

Don’t Burn Bridges as an Employee!
Piggy backing off of our previous post, today’s tip of the day is: don’t burn bridges. Whether you were laid off, or decided to quit, it’s never a good idea to leave a job on a bad note. It’s a given that during your work tenure you might not be […]

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