Cover Letters on your Resume

Cover Letters on your Resume
Typically when working with recruiters a cover letter won’t be necessary, but for those job seekers who are unassisted in their search, a cover letter is still a valuable part of the process.

When responding to job postings, whether it be for an Administrative Assistant; Executive Assistant or even a Temporary Position, […]

Temporary Administrative Contracts

Interview Tip of the day
When interviewing for a temporary administrative assistant contract, take the interview as seriously as you would a direct-hire interview. Everyone understands that securing a direct-hire position is more desirable, but if a company has a need for a temp, they want to make sure the person they hire (and pay) is […]

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Setting the right tone early in your Interview

Interview tip of the day
For Executive Assistant and Administrative Assistant positions…

When interviewing for an Executive or Administrative Assistant position, the focus of the conversation should be what you (as a great assistant) can do for them – not the other way around.

The essence of any administrative support position is customer service based, with your “customer” […]

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Tips on Saving Your Resume for Interviews

Interview Tip Of The Day:
When saving your resume, choose a name that is simple and one that does not reference a specific title or industry. For example: JaneSmith.doc tells a different story than JaneSmithEA_resume.doc or JaneSmithMarketing.com

Adding titles or industries to your resume’s file name can send the wrong signal. Specifically, sending a resume as JaneSmithAdmin.doc […]

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Summary and Objective Tips for your Resume

Resume tip of the day:
Your Summary and Objective sections can help you as much as they can hurt you. Make those sections specifically relevant to the jobs to which you are applying. If you are considering more than one career path, consider making multiple versions of your resume, each with corresponding Summaries or Objectives.

For example, […]

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Interview tip of the day

Interview tip of the day
Interview tip of the day: Be yourself! Have a genuine conversation and use words that come naturally to you. Refrain from trying too hard to come across a certain way. Employers need to feel confident that they are having an authentic conversation with you so that they can visualize who they […]

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