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Know How to Play your Position

Know How to Play your Position

In the spirit of Super Bowl 50 this past weekend, today’s tip is a fun analogy we thought you’d enjoy: Know How to Play your Position.

When interviewing for a job, know the role and the position’s requirements that you are interviewing for. This may sound like common sense to some, but […]

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Two Tips for Looking Better in your Interview

Be Resourceful and Be on Time
Today’s interview tip of the day is simple; know where you’re going; be on time, don’t get lost and refrain from calling the company for directions. We all know first impressions are important, so admitting you are “lost” or “late,” moments before your interview is a step in the wrong […]

Take Advantage of your Meeting with Recruiters

Take Advantage of your Meeting with Recruiters
Take advantage of your meeting with a recruiter. Even if you don’t land a job from that meeting, don’t be discouraged. Remember, recruiters are there to make a good match between candidates and clients. We take pride in not only finding a good candidate for our clients, but also […]

Don’t Burn Bridges as an Employee

Don’t Burn Bridges as an Employee!
Piggy backing off of our previous post, today’s tip of the day is: don’t burn bridges. Whether you were laid off, or decided to quit, it’s never a good idea to leave a job on a bad note. It’s a given that during your work tenure you might not be […]

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Networking will make you Stand Out!

Networking will make you Stand Out!
In the midst of a job hunt, networking with professionals on a daily basis can be extremely beneficial. You never who you will meet and what connections that person has. Being active in-person is just as important as being active and up-to-date on social media. Attending networking events and workshops […]

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Following up Your Interview with a Thank You Letter

Following up Your Interview with a Thank You Letter
It’s always a good idea to follow up an interview with a thank you letter. Your letter should typically be sent within the first 24 hours following your interview. The sooner the letter is sent, the better the chances are to make another good impression on the […]

Don’t Show Up Too Early To A Job Interview

Don’t Show Up Too Early To A Job Interview
Showing up too early to a job interview can be just as bad as showing up late.
So how early is too early? Realistically, you should show up on time; meaning arriving no more than 5-10 minutes early. Unless directed otherwise, showing up any earlier than that is […]

Cover Letters on your Resume

Cover Letters on your Resume
Typically when working with recruiters a cover letter won’t be necessary, but for those job seekers who are unassisted in their search, a cover letter is still a valuable part of the process.

When responding to job postings, whether it be for an Administrative Assistant; Executive Assistant or even a Temporary Position, […]

Temporary Administrative Contracts

Interview Tip of the day
When interviewing for a temporary administrative assistant contract, take the interview as seriously as you would a direct-hire interview. Everyone understands that securing a direct-hire position is more desirable, but if a company has a need for a temp, they want to make sure the person they hire (and pay) is […]

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Setting the right tone early in your Interview

Interview tip of the day
For Executive Assistant and Administrative Assistant positions…

When interviewing for an Executive or Administrative Assistant position, the focus of the conversation should be what you (as a great assistant) can do for them – not the other way around.

The essence of any administrative support position is customer service based, with your “customer” […]

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